How to Naturally Get Rid of Bed Bugs – 3 Things Travelers Must Know to Stay Bed Bug Free

In the modern world we are able to move from one location to another so easily; this is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Every traveler needs to be aware that bed bugs are on the rise and spreading faster then we could have ever imagined a few years ago. They need to know how to avoid getting these little monsters while traveling and how to naturally get rid of bed bugs so they do not bring misery home to their families.

There are three things about bed bugs that every traveler must know before setting off on their next trip no matter what the destination.

Bed bugs are on the rise

These miniture vampires are on the rise and spreading faster then anyone could have predicted even a few years ago. Most travelers in the 90s would not have dreamed that they could be attacked by bed bugs in their hotel room; these were little creatures from their kid’s nursery rhymes.

Today it is very common to find bed bugs in even the finest hotels and resorts all over the country and even more common in other parts of the world. Today travelers can not assume they are safe from these blood sucking little creatures just because they are staying in the better hotels on their travels. Bed bugs are equal opportunity offenders; they are looking for their next meal all the time and their next meal is you.

Bed bugs love to hide until they are ready to feed and they are good hiders

These little creatures have perfected their craft; they can hide in very tiny cracks and crevasses such as between base boards and the wall. They especially like the corners of the room where the joints may not fit very tightly and gaps afford good hiding places.

Head boards, lamps, picture frames, mirrors and other items attached to the wall provides many hiding places close to the ultimate destination the bed.

Bed frames, dressers, tables and chairs in the room are favorite hiding placed for these little vampires. They love to hide in the corners and joints where parts meet; they nest and lay eggs in these locations many times piling up many layers deep when the infestation in large.

In many cases the bugs hide right in the folds of the mattress and box springs; this allows them to reach their next victim and meal (that ‘s you) without being detected..

Bed bugs love to travel; they do not know where they are going they just know they will get to eat some time on the trip.

These bugs seem to have the instinct that hiding in areas that have been near or have contact with humans will eventually get them a meal. They hitch rides using anything they can hide in or on. Luggage or clothes are some of their favorite means of hitching a ride. They wait for the luggage to be opened or the clothes laid out on the bed or other surface and they climb in and are ready for the ride. Since they can hide in small folds most people do not notice them until they have transported them to a new location if they ever know they they have provided a free ride.

The spreading infestations are a real problem; travelers today must be more aware of their surroundings and pay attention to the hotel rooms where they stay. Do a little investigation before bringing in luggage or clothes for signs of bed bugs. Check the web for sites that list hotels with infestations. The traveler must help stop the spread of these blood sucking bugs. Remember they will eventually get to your home and spread their misery to your family and loved ones.